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Thursday, 07 April 2016 12:04

Tips for healthy skin

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Don't have time for intensive skin care? You can still pamper yourself by acing the basics. Good skin care and healthy lifestyle choices can help delay the natural aging process and prevent various skin problems. Get started with these five no-nonsense tips. 1. Protect yourself from the sun One of the most important ways to take care of your skin is to protect it from the sun. A lifetime of sun exposure can cause wrinkles, age spots and other skin problems — as well as increase the risk of skin cancer. For the most complete sun protection: Use sunscreen. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15. Apply sunscreen generously, and reapply every two hours — or more often if you're swimming or perspiring. Seek shade. Avoid the sun between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., when the sun's rays are strongest. Wear protective clothing. Cover your skin with tightly woven long-sleeved shirts, long pants and wide-brimmed hats. Also consider laundry additives, which give clothing an additional layer of ultraviolet protection for a certain number of washings, or special sun-protective clothing — which is specifically designed to block ultraviolet rays. 2. Don't smoke Smoking makes your skin look older and contributes to wrinkles. Smoking narrows the tiny blood vessels in the outermost layers of skin, which decreases blood flow. This depletes the skin of oxygen and nutrients that are important to skin health. Smoking also damages collagen and elastin — the fibers that give your skin strength and elasticity. In addition, the repetitive facial expressions you make when smoking — such as pursing your lips when inhaling and squinting your eyes to keep out smoke — can contribute to wrinkles. If you smoke, the best way to protect your skin is to quit. Ask your doctor for tips or treatments to help you stop smoking.3. Treat your skin gently Daily cleansing and shaving can take a toll on your skin. To keep it gentle: Limit bath time. Hot water and long showers or baths remove oils from your skin. Limit your bath or shower time, and use warm — rather than hot — water. Avoid strong soaps. Strong soaps and detergents can strip oil from your skin. Instead, choose mild cleansers. Shave carefully. To protect and lubricate your skin, apply shaving cream, lotion or gel before shaving. For the closest shave, use a clean, sharp razor. Shave in the direction the hair grows, not against it. Pat dry. After washing or bathing, gently pat or blot your skin dry with a towel so that some moisture remains on your skin. Moisturize dry skin. If your skin is dry, use a moisturizer that fits your skin type. For daily use, consider a moisturizer that contains SPF. 4. Eat a healthy diet A healthy diet can help you look and feel your best. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins. The association between diet and acne isn't clear — but some research suggests that a diet rich in vitamin C and low in unhealthy fats and processed or refined carbohydrates might promote younger looking skin. 5. Manage stress Uncontrolled stress can make your skin more sensitive and trigger acne breakouts and other skin problems. To encourage healthy skin — and a healthy state of mind — take steps to manage your stress. Set reasonable limits, scale back your to-do list and make time to do the things you enjoy. The results might be more dramatic than you expect.

Saturday, 10 October 2015 09:25

A guide to skincare for women of all ages

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SKIN MISTAKES IN YOUR 20s Don't put off applying that sunscreen.It not only prevents your skin from getting tanned, but will also prevent those wrinkles and fine lines, which you think you're too young for. Make it a habit to reapply it every two to three hours for maximum protection. SKIN MISTAKES IN YOUR 30s Not sticking to a skincare regime in your 30s will cost you dearly in your 40s. Gone are the days when you could get away with not cleansing, toning and moisturing daily . As your skin ages, you need to give more attention to it. So, make sure that you not only use products that are age-appropriate, but also follow a skin care routine religiously . Your skin will thank you for it later. Don't make the mistake of sleeping with your makeup on. This cardinal beauty sin can wreak havoc on your skin by clogging pores and causing pimples. So, no matter how tired you are, always remove your makeup before you go to bed. SKIN MISTAKES IN YOUR 40s You will notice that your skin gets extremely dry in your 40s, hence, it is essential that you keep it well hydrated. The dryness can be attributed to hormonal changes as your body nears menopause. Hence, use a milk cleanser and moisturiser that deeply nourishes your skin. During your 40s, many women get stressed about wrinkles, fine lines and spots and opt for different skin products, not realising that that could end up causing more problems. When you use too many beauty products, your skin may revolt and cause inflammation or redness. Stick to certain products that suit your skin.

Monday, 28 September 2015 09:33

Top 20 herbs for weight loss

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Herbs for Weight Loss # 1: Cinnamon Cinnamon is one of the best weight loss herbs because it helps to stabilise blood sugar level, keeps you full for a longer time, decreases hunger pangs and metabolises fats at a faster rate. Herbs for Weight Loss # 2: Ginger Ginger is a very good body cleanser. Ginger helps to remove the food logged in the digestive system and thus prevents fat storage and weight gain. Herbs for Weight Loss # 3: Cardamom This spice helps boost your metabolism and improve your body's ability to burn fat. Herbs for Weight Loss # 4: Turmeric This yellow-orange spice has several weight-loss properties. It helps to reduce the formation of fat tissues, thus lowering total body fat and prevents weight gain. Herbs for Weight Loss # 5: Acai Berry Studies show that the juice from the acai berry or the dried powder of acai berry, can improve the ability to lose weight effectively. They help to prevent the fat build-up in the body and have enormous energising antioxidant properties. Herbs for Weight Loss # 6: Nettle leaf This leaf is highly nutritive and is loaded with antioxidant vitamins like vitamin C and vitamin A. They aid in purifying blood and burns fat. Herbs for Weight Loss # 7: Guarana Guarana has diuretic properties. It helps in losing weight. It also aids in stimulating the nervous system and thus helps you to avoid emotional eating due to stress or tension. Herbs for Weight Loss # 8: Cayenne pepper This spice includes a compound called as capsaicin which helps to burn fat and suppresses your hunger cravings. According to a research done by Prudue University - cayenne is effective in weight loss, because it increases body's metabolism activity which causes the body to burn more calories. Herbs for Weight Loss # 9: Cumin Cumin helps to improve your digestive process and production of energy. Cumin seeds also helps to boost your immune system. Herbs for Weight Loss # 10: Ginseng Ginseng helps to boost energy levels and speeds up metabolism rate. Herbs for Weight Loss # 11: Black pepper This commonly-used spice is filled with a compound called - piperine. This compound helps in boosting your metabolism. Black pepper also helps in improving your digestive system and helps to burn fat at a faster rate. Herbs for Weight Loss # 11: Black pepper This commonly-used spice is filled with a compound called - piperine. This compound helps in boosting your metabolism. Black pepper also helps in improving your digestive system and helps to burn fat at a faster rate. Herbs for Weight Loss # 12: Dandelions This flower head helps to cleanse your body and helps to slow down your digestion. Dandelions help to make you feel full for a longer period and have very good nutritional content as well. So start eating this flower to fit into your old jeans. Herbs for Weight Loss # 13: Flax seeds Flaxseeds acts as a bulking agent and gives you a feeling of fullness. Thus, they prevent you from overeating and help you to lose weight. Herbs for Weight Loss # 14: Guar gum Guar gum helps in managing diabetes and aids weight loss. It helps to improve the digestion process and gives you a feeling of fullness. Herbs for Weight Loss # 15: Garcinia This fruit promotes appetite suppression and prevents production and storing of fat. Choose whole food rather than other variants. Herbs for Weight Loss # 16: Mustard Mustard is a very good weight loss herb, as it helps to fasten body's metabolic activity. Herbs for Weight Loss # 17: Coconut oil Coconut oil helps to increase your metabolic speed, which further aids in releasing energy and promoting weight loss. Herbs for Weight Loss # 18: Fennel seeds These tiny seeds aid in digestion and help to regulate your hunger. Besides, it also helps in cleansing your liver. Herbs for Weight Loss # 19: Psyllium This is a very safe weight loss agent. These seeds make you feel fuller for a longer time and slow down the absorption of simple carbs. Herbs for Weight Loss # 20: Hibiscus Hibiscus is loaded with various obesity fighting agents like chromium, ascorbic acid and hydroxycitric acid (HCA).

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Social networking giant Facebook is rebranding its programme, which was in the midst of a controversy over alleged violation of net neutrality, to 'Free Basics'. Armed with more services and stronger security measures, the rebranding will help Facebook distinguish the free basic internet offering from the large number of activities the US-based company is pursuing to help get new users online across the globe. The announcement comes days before Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to visit Facebook's campus in California on September 27. "We're making this change to better distinguish the initiative from the programmes and services that Facebook provides, including Free Basics. Anyone currently using the app will be able to continue using the Android app though it will now be called Free Basics by Facebook in Google Play. And the mobile Web version, which will redirect from the previous URL, can be accessed at," Vice-President Chris Daniels.

Monday, 02 February 2015 17:52

Many benefits of using hair serum

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If you are one of those battling dry hair but don't like to use hair conditioners that weigh your hair down, then serums are your best bet. Here are a few benefits of using hair serum: -

Adds lustre to dull hair instantly: Apart from removing tangles, serums instantly add lustre to boring and dull hair.

Makes untamable hair manageable: It soothes out the frizz and makes hair soft and manageable within no time.

Protects hair from damage: Some hair serums assure you of UV protection. Exposing hair to the sun constantly will damage your hair. So, such hair serums can protect your hair from damage caused by the sun.

Helps in styling your hair: If you find it difficult to comb or detangle your hair before styling it, take a coin-size amount of hair serum and apply it on your locks.

Helps reduce hair loss: A good hair serum contains vitamin E that makes your hair healthy and prevents hair loss.

Friday, 07 November 2014 18:03


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Nia Sanchez got engaged to beau Daniel Booko. The Miss USA 2014 winner is yet to compete at Miss Universe but she is already smiling broadly thanks to that shining diamond ring on her finger. Her beau, Daniel Booko, is a 30 year old hunk who starred in Hanna Montana, Hunger Games and X-Men - First Class movies. Nia is yet to compete at Miss Universe. Does this matter? Well, according to the rules of Miss Universe and Miss USA is mum about engagement rings but it is a no-no to get pregnant or get married during your reign.

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Like experimenting with your hair, but have no time to try out different hairstyles while you are hurrying for work? Here are two easy-todo styles that you can resort to while heading to the workplace.


Detangle your hair completely and pull it up into a tight pony. Divide your hair into two equal halves. Now, twist one portion of the hair tightly and wind it around the band that holds the pony . Secure it in place with pins. Repeat the process for the other strand as well.


This one takes literally no effort at all you can be done with the do even before you blink.The double twist is an option for those who have long, straight hair. Take a centre partition first,and quickly twist a few strands of hair on either side. Pin them to the side and leave your hair open. You can also tie the rest of your hair into a pony or plait it up.

Friday, 26 September 2014 17:36

How to look fresh whole day

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It happens to the best of us. You apply your makeup in the morning and by the end of the your face is full of shine (and not the good kind). We are talking that oily, unwanted look that happens as the day goes on. Your pores naturally release oils that keep your skin from drying out, but when they mix with your makeup you can end up with a shiny mess. To help your skin stay looking fresh and shine-free all day. 

Cleansers: Be sure to check to make sure you’re properly cleansing your face in the morning.

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As the international fash pack descends on the Capital this September, London will welcome two celebrated Indian talents in the fields of fashion and jewellery design when STYLEFILE debuts in the city with the presentation of Anamika Khanna and Raj Mahtani: London Exhibition. The designers will be featuring their latest collections (Fall/ Winter 2014) at the exhibition, which were recently showcased at Indian Couture week and the Vogue Bridal Show. Pricing for pieces will be on par with India, making this an exclusive, pop-up experience not to be missed. Anamika Khanna and Raj Mahtani themselves will be present throughout the exhibition, to interact with stylistas, shoppers and lovers of haute fashion and design alike.

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