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Fitness Trends to Try in 2014

As waistlines get thicker and the list of lifestyle diseases rise across the globe, the number of ways that one can get one’s health back through physical activity, is also going up. Choosing from the fitness palette can therefore be quite confusing. Looking at the top fitness trends this year, let us try to simplify the process of choosing. Power yoga (Vinyasa): Power yoga has become a fitness rage the world over. It basically involves a smooth and continuous flow of asanas woven into a sequence. It offers cardiovascular benefits along with helping to shape and tone the entire body, especially your arms, back and the abdominal areas. Furthermore, it also combines most of the benefits of traditional yoga.

It may be practised with or without music too. Who should choose it: If you find traditional yoga slow, but would still like to reap its benefits, this is for you. In addition, all those people unable to sustain higher intensity classes will find the pace challenging but doable. Zumba: This is a reasonably group cardiovascular activity, based on different dance styles from across the globe. Zumba being a fast pulsating dance exercise burns a significant amount of calories. Who should choose it: Those who enjoy dancing, but detest normal treadmill, should join in for some good fun and fitness. The music is upbeat and the class engaging. Spinning: Using specialised exercise bikes in an indoor setting, this trend has been a rage in the West for over a decade. In India, it has caught the fancy of exercisers in the past 4 to 5 years, but still doing great.

A spinning studio is designed on the lines of a pub, done in a darkened room with dancing neon lights and the latest international music tracks. Who should choose it: If losing weight without impact is your goal and you enjoy music, then go for it. The sweat factor and challenge can be pretty high, so choose accordingly. TRx or suspension training: This type of resistance work can either be done in a one-on-one setting or as a group class. In most modules, it has no music component. Depending on your strength and conditioning level, you can choose the resistance on the band. The beauty of this module of training is once you learn how to use it, it can travel around with you, so you have no excuses for missed workouts!

This mode of training is especially helpful in strengthening and toning and is seriously challenging. It helps increase bone density and muscle mass and can be an effective rehab tool too (if used well). Who should choose it: If you are looking for a change from your normal exercise routine of lifting weights, go for it!

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