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British Prime Minister David Cameron on Friday said a time will soon come when there will be a British-Indian prime minister. Addressing 60,000 wildly cheering British-Indians awaiting to listen to visiting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Cameron began with an Indian style of greeting: "Namaste Wembley!" "It won't be long before there is a British-Indian prime minister in 10, Downing Street," Cameron said citing the contributions of British-Indians in various fields. He said that "India-UK ties are about people and about prosperity". "PM Modi and I govern in challenging times but we are united by the scale of our ambition," he said.

The pilot of a police helicopter which ran out of fuel, crashing into a busy pub in Glasgow city centre and killing 10 people, did not follow emergency landing procedures despite acknowledging an audible low fuel warning five times. The final conclusions of an air accident investigation into the Clutha tragedy state that pilot David Traill failed to land within the specified 10-minute period after “continuous activation of the low fuel warnings”, but offer no explanation as to why this happened. The report of the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) found no evidence of technical malfunction or fire. It also states that the helicopter did have enough fuel on board to complete its journey, but that 73kg of usable fuel in the main tank became unusable as a result of the fuel transfer pumps being switched off, again “for unknown reasons”. The pumps could have been switched back manually by the pilot.

Germany is to push for more ambitious and extensive common European Union policies on the refugee crisis, according to policymakers in Berlin, with compulsory and permanent quotas for sharing the distribution of probably hundreds of thousands of people who will arrive directly from the Middle East. Also on Berlin’s agenda are new European powers replacing some national authority over border control, and the possible raising of a special EU-wide levy to fund the policies. The plans, being prepared in Berlin and Brussels, are certain to trigger bitter resistance and major clashes within the EU. Berlin backs European commission plans to make the proposed scheme “permanent and binding”. But up to 15 of 28 EU countries are opposed. The plans will not apply to the UK as it is not part of the EU’s passport-free Schengen zone and has opted out of EU asylum policy, saying it will not take part in any proposed European refugee-sharing schemes.

 President Barack Obama offered Xi Jinping a warm welcome at the White House on Thursday, greeting his Chinese counterpart with a "ni hao," or hello, at the start of a tricky state visit. The pair kicked off Xi's first state visit by shedding their ties and strolling out of the West Wing and across Pennsylvania Avenue to Blair House. Officials hope that by starting with a casual meeting the leaders of the world's two pre-eminent military and economic powers will find time for a less staid exchange of views. On Friday Xi will be offered a 21-gun salute and ceremonial state dinner, in a symbolic statement that will let him show the Chinese people that he and his country are being treated as a great power. But US officials admit the litany of problems now plaguing US-China relations and doubts over Xi's commitment to a "peaceful rise" are unlikely to be resolved over butter-poached Maine lobster or grilled cannon of Colorado lamb. "Far and away, the most constructive engagements they've had have been in their private dinners," said senior Obama national security aide Ben Rhodes.

Thursday, 28 May 2015 17:41

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Monday, 11 May 2015 17:10

J K Rowling under attack on twitter

Harry Potter creator JK Rowling is on the receiving end of a vitriolic attack through twitter over her support for the Labour party as well as for being against Scotland breaking off from the United Kingdom. Following Friday's results of the British parliamentary election, Rowling who moved to Scotland in 1993 became a target for online abuse. In 2014, just before the Scottish referendum, Rowling faced massive criticism for donating £1million to the campaign for a No vote in the Scottish independence referendum.

Monday, 12 January 2015 08:51

Britain likely to allow voting at 16

LONDON: In a massive shift, Britain is planning to allow 16-year-olds to vote in the upcoming general election in May. Prime Minister David Cameron has backed a House of Commons vote on expanding ballot to teenagers. This was done in the recent Scottish independence referendum that boosted youth engagement with politics. "I thought the referendum in Scotland did switch a whole lot of people onto political issues because the question being asked was so important.

Monday, 22 December 2014 17:47

Spanish princess Cristina to stand trial

The sister of Spain's King Felipe VI, Cristina, will become the first member of the royal family ever to stand in the dock after a judge Monday ordered her to be put on trial for alleged tax fraud. The historic decision stemmed from four years of investigations that plunged the royal family into crisis and contributed to the abdication of King Juan Carlos in June. A court on the island of Majorca ordered Cristina, 49, to stand trial on two counts of accessory to tax fraud in connection with her husband's business affairs. She is accused of cooperating in tax evasion by her husband, the former Olympic handball player Inaki Urdangarin. He is accused of embezzling and laundering millions of euros in public funds. Cristina's lawyers say she is innocent of any wrongdoing. Cristina Federica de Borbon y Grecia is the youngest daughter of Juan Carlos and sixth in line to the throne. She married Urdangarin in 1997 in a glittering ceremony in Barcelona.

Sunday, 14 December 2014 17:26

UK Policeman gifted egg to Helen

A white police officer in the US gifted 12 eggs to a grandmother after he caught her stealing five eggs from a store to feed her starved family in Alabama. 47-year-old Helen Johnson, who had not eaten anything for two days, burst into tears when William Stacy bought her a dozen eggs instead of arresting her for the petty theft. After the encounter was caught on camera and went viral, a groundswell of support poured in from food to cash and clothing as people came across the family's plight. On Wednesday, Stacy along with some of his colleagues landed at Johnson's house with two truckloads of food to keep her and her children and grandchildren fed through Christmas. It captured the nation's attention at a time of strained relations between the police and black Americans. Johnson then thanked Stacy with a hug in her kitchen after he dropped off donations of food at her house in Tarrant. "The last time I saw my house this full, I was 12-years-old and staying with my grandmother. I've been crying all day," Johnson was quoted as saying by a news website. Johnson had taken the step after she ran out of food and money to feed herself, two daughters, a niece and two grandkids who aged 1 and 3. After the hunger became too much, she stuffed five eggs inside her jacket which got broken. But when officer Stacy showed up, he didn't cuff the woman. He went inside and bought the grateful - and unexpecting - grandmother a dozen eggs. The police department has been overwhelmed by calls from well-wishers, Tarrant Police Chief Dennis Reno said, adding that the department signed up Johnson for the annual toy drive so the children will have presents this Christmas.

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